FAQs: Website/Systems


Each school within the District has its own website that is managed by the District and school administrators. The District's protocol requires the school PTA to have its own discrete websites. The two websites are linked but the PTA is not allowed to solicit donations on the District hosted School site. As such, we now have TWO websites. The School District site is intended for the larger community, not just our current students' families. Someone moving to the area, for example, may be interested in learning generic information about the school. In contrast, the PTA website includes pertinent information directed to our current families.

We have implemented a Google Suite infrastructure to support all of our PTA volunteers. Thus, this Google Drive architecture will support all of our PTA files and databases. If you are having trouble accessing a specific drive and/or need access, please write to Tech@borelbobcats.org.

Stripe and PayPal payment processor offers the best transaction rate for our non-profit PTA. On 11/1/2022, we enabled the Stripe payment processor for website transactions and disabled PayPal to ease the process for our community. If you run into any issues, please contact Tech@borelbobcats.org.

Our PTA website is mobile-friendly so that it can be accessed on your computer, tablet, and mobile devices. For mobile devices, the dedicated mobile app is also available for all our registered users (For help registering, please visit the "why register" page. The app includes access to your directory and calendars. The app is free in the App Store and Google Play.

The PTA calendar is available online and also available through MembershipToolKit mobile app. If you have a google account, please click the Google Calendar button available at the top of the calendar page and follow the instructions to subscribe to the calendar.

After subscribing to the calendar, if you do not see the events in your apple device calendar, please visit google.com/calendar/syncselect in the safari browser, and enable the calendars. Otherwise, you could download and use the Google calendar app from the App Store.

The password-protected online Borel Directory is available on the PTA Website. View the steps here to opt in and get access. In addition, you can access the directory, calendar, and the full PTA website by downloading the free Membership Toolkit app onto your mobile devices (App Store or Google Play).