FAQs: Fundraising


The Borel PTA funds social, emotional, and academic programs that enrich the lives of our teachers and students at Borel. Parents financial support through fundraising events make it possible for the PTA to pay for additional teaching resources, staffing, technology, and many other engaging programs that help our kids grow and thrive!

The PTA has funded Staffing & Instructional Support, Academic Department Support, School Special Programs, Professional Development, Online Resources, Outdoor Education, Facilities Upgrades, Staff Hospitality, School Safety, Sports Department, community building, and educational programs throughout the year for our students and families such as our Head-Start Day for incoming 6th graders, the Cultural Fair, Clowder Chowdown, Art Reflections, Parent Education, Student Aid and Wellness, End of Year Activities & Promotion, and the Book Fair.

The SMFCEF is a non-profit organization that raises funds and pays for District-wide programs to further student achievement. The SMFCEF is a separate and distinct entity from the individual school-centric PTAs.

First, contributions of any amount are welcome and valued. Second, the $750 per student guideline represents the full-year fundraising goals of the Borel PTA. If spreading payments out through the year is an option for your family, please use the installment plan to design a plan that’s comfortable for you. We deeply appreciate any and all donations.

ANY & ALL contributions are welcome and valued. Truly! The dollar amount is a guideline based on our annual costs to fund our programs and the number of families, NOT a requirement. There are a variety of ways that families contribute which is what makes the Borel community what it is...not a one-size fits. Any and all dollar contributions are welcome and any donation of $10 or higher garners membership to the PTA. Equally valued items for sale at the Auction, volunteer hours at our events, purchases of logo wear, designating the PTA as your charity of choice for eScrip or Amazon Smile. Every dollar and volunteer hour makes a difference!!!

Any donation of $10 or higher to the Boosters drive gives you PTA membership and eligibility to vote at the Association meeting to make your voice heard.

If you have selected Yes or Unsure, then you would receive an email from Borel PTA with your company match information or helpful guidelines. Most of the time your company would process the match through one of the CSR platforms such as Benevity, YourCause, BrightFunds, etc., Please contact your company's HR office or check your company intranet to initiate the company match process. Your company may ask you for the following information to complete the match: date of donation, donation amount, and Borel's PTA Tax ID number (94-2644497). If you have any questions, please contact the treasurer at Treasurer@borelbobcats.org.

Yes. Donors are given credit for their entire donation which includes corporate matching designated to the Borel PTA.

Yes. We will be able to deposit the check to the Borel PTA account. Once your donation is processed, a receipt will be automatically generated and sent to your email address.

On 11/1/2022, we enabled the Stripe payment processor for website transactions and disabled PayPal to ease the process for our community. If you would like to change your payment methods for an existing PayPal order, please contact PayPal at 1-888-221-1161 you do not need to have a PayPal account. If you would like to change the payment method for an existing Stripe subscription order, please sign in to the PTA website and click "My Account → Previous Orders" and select the order to view the options. Need further help? Please contact FinancialSec@borelbobcats.org.

On 11/1/2022, we enabled the Stripe payment processor for website transactions and disabled PayPal to ease the process for our community. If you have processed the payment using Stripe then in your credit/debit card statement, it will appear as "BOREL PTA *". If PayPal then the Card Reader transactions will appear as "PP*BOREL PTA" and the PTA Website transactions will appear as "PAYPAL *BOREL PTA". To get help with any website transactions, please contact FinancialSec@borelbobcats.org. For in-person card reader transactions, please reach out to PayPal at 1-888-221-1161 you do not need to have a PayPal account. PayPal would ask for your full credit/debit card number to track the transaction and provide further assistance. If you need further help with your card reader transactions, please contact FinancialSec@borelbobcats.org with your transaction ID (should be in your receipt or ask PayPal).

Borel’s fundraisers have been streamlined to reduce the burden on families throughout the year. The Boosters offered families the opportunity to support the PTA programming directly through cash contributions. The Spring Auction was a community event that provided nearby businesses a chance to support the Borel community and provided our parents with some fun!