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Join the Borel PTA by donating to the Borel Boosters! Borel relies on your donation to provide essential resources and curriculum needs benefiting ALL students. We ask families who can donate to contribute $750 per student to make our overall goal achievable but any amount is welcome and greatly appreciated! Your tax-deductible donation funds academic support, office support, technology, student and parent programs and so much more. Also, by donating to the Borel Boosters, you also become a member of the California State PTA.


Also, many employers offer matching contributions so please take advantage of this employee perk by doubling your donation. See if your employer will match your donation below.




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Corporate Matching: Please use the above search to check whether your company offers donation matches. If your company manages donation matching through a CSR portal such as or, then please donate through that portal using Borel PTA's EIN: 94-2644497 so the corporate matching can happen automatically. If you donate using one of the following options, please remember to request corporate matching for your donation.


Installment Donations

Create an Installment Plan to make easy monthly donations using a Credit/Debit card, Apple/Google Pay, or Electronic Checks.

One-Time Donation

Make a One-Time Donation using a Credit/Debit card, Apple/Google Pay, or Electronic Checks.

Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds Donation

Donate Stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds and save on capital gains taxes. The full stock value is tax deductible.

Print and Mail Donation Form

Submit the completed form with cash or a check to the school office. The form is also available in Spanish

Donor Advised Fund

Donate via Donor Advised Fund (DAF) through your sponsoring organization directly.


Borel PTA's Federal Tax ID number is 94-2644497. Questions? Contact us at